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Women’s Travel Fest and The Awesomeness of Women Travelers

There’s something about being part of a community and meeting people who are just as obsessed over something as you are.

For me, that something is travel.

And I found a great community of like-minded, travel obsessed women in the SF Women’s Travel Fest last weekend.

Being my first formal event since deciding to play around with the whole blog thing, I figured it would be a good way to check out some vendors, maybe meet a few folks, and be surrounded by inspiration. It was that and SO MUCH MORE.

Womens Travel Fest at San Francisco Design Center

Where all the action happened on Saturday

If you’re not familiar with Women’s Travel Fest, don’t worry, this was the conferences’ second year and they are planning to hold it again in 2016 (tentatively in New York).

The 2015 Women’s Travel Fest kicked off with an opening night celebration in San Francisco at Streat Food Park. Food trucks, sangrias and good music were in abundance as travel enthusiasts from all over started to mingle and introduce themselves.

Saturday was a full day of panelists from women from all walks of life and travel interests.

Womens Travel Fest 2015

Courtney Scott. Kaeli Conforti, and Diedre Mathis discussing budget travel tips

There were discussion on budget travel, how to travel safely as a woman, traveling to potentially dangerous locations and more! While not every talk was geared towards me I found valuable tidbits in each and every session and walked away with a crazy amount of notes and things to check out!

Womens Travel Fest Felicity Aston

Listening to explorer Felicity Aston discuss her 59 day trek across Antarctica alone. The first woman to do so


Womens Travel Fest

Julia Cosgrove, Paula Froelich and Laura Ling discussing travel in tense areas

I even picked up a signed copy of 1,000 Places to See Before You Die by Author Patricia Shultz who was one of the key speakers on Saturday.

womens travel fest Patricia Schultz

Got a signed copy of 1000 Places to See Before You Die!

On Sunday the information and inspiration continued to flow as we had a series of breakout sessions. They were geared to specific interests and I attended talks on Philanthropic Travel, Travel Writing, and Career Breaks!

Womens Travel Fest Erin Michelson

Hearing Erin Michelson speak about her life as an Adventure Philanthropist

I met some amazing new friends at the event too!

Natalie Buster is a local travel writer who I had chatted with on Twitter before the event and had the pleasure of hanging out with on Sunday. We have the same thoughts on travel (read: no backpacking, totally nomadic lifestyles for us!) so it was great to connect with a travel lover who is at the same place in life as I am!

It really was an amazing event and I’m so glad that it took place right in my backyard! I can’t wait to connect with more travel ladies and attend next year’s Women’s Travel Fest in New York!

PS: Here are some of the amazing presenters that you should follow!

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