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The Best Kid-free Restaurants in the United States

Picture this: It’s your anniversary, birthday, or other special occasion and you and your partner have treated yourselves to a rare night out in a fancy restaurant. The current economic situation can mean that these celebratory nights out are rare and far between, so you excitedly get dressed up, head to the restaurant and are seated.

As you’re browsing the drinks menu a family of five walk in. It’s 8pm and the younger kids are obviously tired and upset, whining and talking loudly. They’re seated next to you, and as this is not the type of restaurant that caters to young children they aren’t provided with crayons and coloring pictures, and instead have to rely on their loud handheld games that puncture the relaxed ambiance with annoying bleeping sounds.

The parents largely ignore their kids, perusing the menu and only occasionally reprimanding the kids when one of their shrieks are particularly loud. Before you know it you have a tension headache, and as you gaze helplessly at your partner you realize that dinner has been completely ruined. the best kid-free restaurants Families are gold for most restaurants, and as they usually make up the majority of their profit (even with their kids-eat-free marketing), they usually get priority. It’s hard to find a restaurant that either has kid-free seating or is strictly adults only, but here are some of the best kid-free restaurants in the United States:


Wishbone is located on Lincoln Ave in Chicago and while it isn’t strictly kid-free it does have an adult-only oasis where you can relax in peace. This Southern-style restaurant has some of the best grits and baked pies in town and is famous for the old-fashioned fried chicken.

The Sushi Bar 

You’ll find the The Sushi Bar in Del Ray, Virginia and here you’ll also find a relaxed, quiet atmosphere. This place is completely kid-free and won’t allow patrons under 18 so it’s a great place for date night or dinner with friends.

Luigi Q

This restaurant was one of the first to ban kids twenty years ago and children under the age of 14 are still not allowed in. If you want some delicious Italian food without a side of whining, head to Hicksville, New York where you can enjoy dinner and a drink in peace.

La Fisheria

You’ll find La Fisheria in Houston, Texas, and while they have an excellent and extensive kids menu they don’t allow kids under 8 in the restaurant after 7pm.


After instituting a ban on children younger than 6, McDain’s has seen a 20% increase in business. This Pennsylvanian restaurant owner has taken a stand against rampaging kids and rude parents and says “We feel that McDain’s is not a place for young children. Their volume can’t be controlled and many, many times, they have disturbed other customers.” As for the parents, he got sick of those who “act like we’re the ones being offensive” when his staff asked them to make their kids behave.

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