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Reviews: Duckfat Restaurant, Maine

On my recent foodie/leaf-peeping trip to Boston my friends and I made a 2 hr detour up to Portland, Maine. The main attraction: Duckfat, a small restaurant/sandwich shop where most things are fried in, you guessed it: duck fat 🙂

(drool my friends, drool)

As we drove by I’m glad my friend knew what to look for because the place is tiny! It sits right along a relatively quiet street and at peak times the wait can be 45 min+. we lucked out though and got one of the two outside tables in a matter of 10 min.

The menu isn’t large but there are a few items that stand out as must haves:

Belgian Fries. Fried in duck fat. ‘Nuff said.

Belgian fries at Duckfat

Poutine. Now I’m not big on Poutine but i’ve heard it’s great here so go for it. And seriously, it’s made with duckfat gravy so how could you go wrong?

I also had the charcuterie which was a special that day and I don’t think is usually on the menu. It was delish and had an assortment of meat and pickled veggies.

 October 14, 2015 at 0936AM

Milkshakes. Oh my god! They did it right and brought out the tall metal mixing canister too. I went with “The Original” and it didn’t disappoint. Rich, creamy goodness. I was in a happy place.

"The Original" milkshake

“The Original” milkshake

As I mentioned, Duckfat is a small place and they don’t take reservations so definitely get there early and stake your claim.

Have you been to Duckfat, and if so did you like it?

Duckfat Hours:

11am – 10pm – 7 days a week
43 Middle Street
Portland, Maine

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