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Kid Free Vacation Ideas

Don’t be ashamed. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wishing to avoid children while you’re on vacation. Many parents will attest that even they could use a vacation away from the kids now and again. Whether you are a parent in need of a break, a honeymooner, or any other individual who simply wants an adults-only getaway, there are a few kid free vacation ideas that could be perfect for you.


Go on a Cruise
Couple on cruise ship

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There are a few cruise lines out there that do have age restrictions on a few of their cruises, or hold special couple’s retreat cruises. While the numbers of completely adults only cruises are small, more and more cruise lines are adding adults only sections to their ships. For example, most of Carnival Cruise Line’s ships have what they call “Serenity” areas that are restricted only for adults. These areas typically include bars, pools, lounges and spa areas.

There are some cruises that are not specifically adult only, but cater more to adults than to families through the activities and amenities offered. For example, Seabourn Cruise Line offers luxury cruises with on-board enrichment programs in the arts and other educational subjects, and no children’s activities. Their cruises focus on calm, quiet, and elegant activities, and rarely attract people with small children. Another cruise line that is geared more towards adults is Holland America.


Enjoy a Spa Getaway

Relaxing spa getaway

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Treat yourself to a bit of pampering, perhaps with a ladies-only vacation, and go to a spa resort or retreat. Many all-inclusive spa resorts, which typically do not offer activities that attract families and children anyway, have age restrictions. Some notable spa getaway locations include The BodyHoliday on St. Lucia, Rancho La Puerta just south of San Diego, California, and many others.


Embark on a Couples Retreat

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Whether you are going on your honeymoon, or simply trying to spend quality time with your significant other, it is completely understandable that you do not want hyperactive misbehaving children to ruin the romantic mood you are trying to achieve. There are many resorts that are available only to couples looking for privacy and ambiance. Sandals Resorts are one of the leaders in this area, with multiple beautiful resorts throughout the Caribbean that are exclusive to couples interested in relaxation and romance. If you’re like me and find Sandals type resorts a bit much there are plenty of other options. The El Dorado Royale in Riviera Maya, Mexico is a Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Top 100 Hotels in the World and is adults only. Mexico and the Caribbean have a substantial amount of adult only locations, from mega resorts to smaller boutique hotels that cater to adult only guests. With a bit of searching you can find the place that best suits your needs.


Adults Only Lodging

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There are more adults only accommodations out there than you might initially imagine. In most major cities, especially popular tourist destinations, there are resorts, hotels, and even bed & breakfasts that have age restrictions. In some locations, the minimum age may be as low as 13, while most have a minimum age of 18. Some locations may offer special adults only events for you to mingle with other adults, couples activities, or simply offer you a mature sanctuary away from children. The travel industry has certainly heard the call of the childless adult traveler and has in turn provided many great solutions. Check out my post on a few of the highest rated US adult-only resorts.

What are some of your best kid free vacation ideas?


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