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Hotel Review – Bodega Bay Lodge (Bodega Bay, CA)

The guy and I got decided to do quick weekend getaway the other week and one of our requirements was that it was close by and near the water.

With both of us having new jobs and being in the midst of wedding planning we haven’t been getting out much and needed a bit of a breather. After doing some searching for availability (I gotta tell you trying to make a last minute plan for Valentine’s Day weekend was not a wise move!) I found the Bodega Bay Lodge.

Bodega Bay Lodge location

The Bodega Bay Lodge is only an hour drive from where I live but still seems a world away.

Bodega Bay is known for its oysters, Hitchcock (The Birds was filmed here), outdoor activities and eclectic art scene. Our goal was to relax and enjoy the ocean so we didn’t venture into town but that’s definitely an option if you want to be a little more lively.

Check-in at Bodega Bay Lodge is at 3pm and given that we didn’t want to deal with too much traffic we opted to arrive a little early. Our room wasn’t ready but we were invited to relax in the Lounge or head to the restaurant. We decided to take advantage of the day and walk down to the beach for some sun and sand.

Doran Regional Park is a stones throw away from the Lodge so we walk about 10 min down Doran Road to get to the action. Evidently it’s a popular beach and camping spot as there was a line of cars waiting to get in as we walked by.

From the outside the Bodega Bay Lodge doesn’t look like much. The complex has multiple buildings, is two stories, and is decked out in wood paneling. But I’ve got to say the guy and I were both pleasantly surprised.

Note that the Bodega Bay Lodge is an all ages hotel, so there will be children of all ages.

The Bodega Bay Lodge as seen from Doran Regional Park

The Bodega Bay Lodge as seen from Doran Regional Park.

The Room


On booking I decided to splurge a bit and get the Pacific Coast Upper. Valentine’s Day weekend the prices skyrocketed but as i look now the nightly rate typically runs from $240-$300, with holiday/special weekends being even more. The room has a Queen size bed, a fireplace, and a private balcony overlooking the grounds, Bodega Bay and the Pacific Ocean

The room was spacious and the bathroom was huge. For a couple doing a quick weekend getaway it was perfect.

Good size bathroom

Good size bathroom

Shower but no tub

Shower but no tub


Full bar area and desk

Full bar area and desk

It was Valentine's Day so we had to take advantage of the fire place!

It was Valentine’s Day so we had to take advantage of the fire place!

Looking out over the Pacific

Looking out over the Pacific from the room

View from the room looking out to the hot tub and pool.

View from the room looking out to the hot tub and pool.

The Restaurant


The restaurant at the Lodge is called The Duck Club and I have to say, their customer service is amazing. The day before we went up (which was the day before Valentine’s Day) I realized that we had no reservations to eat. Any where. I had gotten a place to stay but the concept of eating had totally not registered.

Knowing the odds were slim, I called the restaurant and asked them if they had any open times available for Valentine’s Day dinner. The Manager said that at that time they didn’t but that he’d take my number and email and would have the staff keep an eye out for any openings. And he did! He emailed me later that day stating they had an 8pm opening that he put me down for and he let the front desk know about it as well. He even called and left me a voicemail saying that he had reserved the time for us. Score!!

On Valentine’s Day we enjoyed the sunset at the Drakes Lounge and sat outside by the firepit, chatting it up with other guests before moving inside to main Lounge to escape the wind.

We had a drink and pre dinner munchies at Drakes Fireside Lounge

We had a drink and pre-dinner munchies at Drakes Fireside Lounge

Later that evening we had a lovely dinner at The Duck Club restaurant accompanied by a bottle of wine. They had a nice selection and their wine guy was very knowledgeable and helped us choice one to fit our tastes.

In the morning we ordered an amazing spread from room service, sat on our balcony and soaked in the view.

It was a fantastic getaway and if you’re in the Bay Area and want a quick change of scenery I recommend checking out the Bodega Bay Lodge! We

ll be going back soon for some bogie boarding and fishing!

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