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profile-badgeWelcome to the joys of Kid-Free Travel!

Travel advice, tips and random musings all for adults who prefer to travel kid free!

I’m a California girl who loves to travel. Now that I’ve got my boyfriend hooked too we’ve been going on vacations all over the world (when money and time permit!). Being kid-free by choice we prefer to travel to destinations that focus less on families and more on the adult activities and lodging.

Some things you won’t find here:

  • Anything having to do with Disney cruises, or vacations, or pretty much anything Disney
  • A focus on kid clothes, gear, etc
  • Under 18 clubs hangout spots, etc
  • You get the picture

Since there were plenty of blogs and websites dedicated to families I figured I’d go a different route and offer a place to visit for adults who prefer destinations, lodgings and activities with a kid-free focus. From child free flights, adult-only resorts and more!┬áHere you’ll find travel stories and articles, musings and tips on traveling either by yourself or with your significant other, all for adults and kid-free!

Whether you are kid-free or have kids and just want to get away for a grownup vacation, this is the place to come!

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