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Getting back into the swing of things…..

Hello Hello! It’s been a while!

I’ve been off of Kid Free Travel for a few months as life has definitely ramped up. With wedding planning and getting married last year, nearly burning out on my full time job, and working on a new travel project, I’ve let the blogging slip by the wayside. But it’s time for me to get backĀ into the swing of things! Woot!

One of my goals this year is to travel on a more consistent basis and to help others do so as well. Even though I’m all for international travel to far off destinations I’ll be doing more travel closer to home as well. Can you believe that even though I live on the West Coast, I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon??!! That’s changing in May! From national parks, to nearby weekend getaways this year is going to be about consistent breaks and getaways.

So stay tuned for more travel posts, more random life posts and more cool tidbits from living a happy, kid free lifestyle!


New year, new do. And ready to get my travel on!

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