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LaquelThanks for checking out Kid Free Travel! My name is Laquel and  I love to travel.  I’m a mid-30s lady who travels throughout the US and around the world. I travel solo and lately, with my boyfriend (who I have converted to a travel lover too!).

As I started to go about my research on where to go and places to stay I noticed that many sites and blogs cater to families. My boyfriend and I are totally kid free (by choice) and prefer to find areas that are more grown-up focused. Quite honestly we try to avoid kids whenever we can, lol.

That was how Kid Free Travel was born! This is a site about places to go, where to stay, some of our own travel stories and more from the viewpoint of a couple that prefers to travel kid free

Remember, even if you have kids you can enjoy this site! Every mom and dad needs a grown up vacation from time to time. So get a babysitter (or bribe the grandparents) and come check out the possibilities!

Enjoy reading!



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