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What can we expect from travel in 2014?

The world is getting smaller. Destinations that used to take weeks to get to are now accessible by a flight and a bus ride. With the invention of Skype and Facebook, travelers are staying away for longer as well, and exploring places that are off-the-beaten-track. So what can we expect from travel in 2014?

The Daily Beast recently released 14 travel predictions for 2014, and while some are obvious, here are a few predictions that may have an impact on where (and how) you travel next year:

Expect South America to be Buzzing (and not just Brazil)

Many of those who visit for the world cup in June will be traveling throughout the region. There are tons of new hotels opening up in time for the games, but prices are expected to soar. If you’re planing to head to Brazil you should have your flights booked by now and be well on the way to getting accommodation sorted.

If you’re not going for the World Cup, it may be best to give the region a miss for now, unless you like being hip-to-elbow with other tourists.

Flights to Europe won’t decrease anytime soon

Don’t expect airlines to cut you a break for your flights to Europe, if anything they’ll probably go up. Book well in advance if you’re planning to travel in peak season (May-August), and use sites like Skyscanner to see which countries are cheapest to fly in and out of when you start planning your itinerary.

Many flights within the US may decrease however, as the airlines engage in a price war. We’ll believe it when we see it.

Africa is the Next Big Thing

Families are heading to Africa, and most of them are doing Safari’s. If you’re trying to avoid kids stick to upmarket tour companies that feature luxury tents. With a bit of preparation and research you’ll be able to dodge the little darlings, just make sure you don’t accidentally book the Wild Child program.

What can we Expect from Travel in 2014?

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River Cruising is still the coolest Travel in Europe

Even with the addition of fifteen new ships to the area this year, these cruises are still being booked out a year in advance. With the small ship sizes and the ability to get right into the heart of Europe without passengers needing to unpack and get on a bus every day it’s not surprising that they’re so popular.

Luckily there will be another 25 ships on the rivers next year, and if you book early and keep an eye out for low-season deals you may be pleasantly surprised by the price for an all-inclusive, luxury experience.

You’ll be constantly connected

Travelers expect wifi. In fact they expect free wifi, and hotels that are charging for it will begin to see less repeat business. More hotels, restaurants, and even cruise lines will be offering wifi, allowing you to keep in touch with loved ones while overseas, without the roaming fees.

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