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Need to use your phone overseas?

girl using cell phone overseasAhhh…cell phones and overseas travel. Figuring out how to make international calls can be tricky depending on your cell phone provider. Especially when you come back to your home country and see your bill.

Travel and Leisure as a quick little article about Tips for Using Cell Phones Overseas.

We’ve used both their sim card and wifi recommendations in various countries. And your choice depends on not only what you prefer but on the country as well.

For instance when we visited Thailand a few years ago wifi cafes were EVERYWHERE. We could pop in, check our email, call my mom on Skype, you name it. If you’re in a location where wifi is plentiful, you’re good to go. On the flip side, when we traveled to Marbella, Spain we noticed a severe lack of wifi spots and internet in general. It was much tougher to find a location that would allow us to access Skype and we ended up visiting this one little tavern quite a bit because we couldn’t log in anywhere else (don’t worry we gave them good business and didn’t suck their connection dry).

The sim card option is another good bet if you have a phone that can accept them. I have a Galaxy S3 (which I <3) and you can change sim cards in that model. If you don’t have a phone with that capability the article above gives a good recommendation for that as well!

So don’t worry: you can go to another country and hopefully, not be cut off from your connections. Just plan a bit ahead of time and have some options in your back pocket, along with your cell phone.

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