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Flights: with kids or without?

flights and kids

I just came across this post written by Mark C. O’Flaherty about his “ultimate luxury holiday”, and I must say, I agree whole heartily.

Granted, I’ve never had a flight nearly as bad as he described, but screaming kids, the constant bumping of a wiggling child in the seat behind me and more have really made me love flights, and vacations as a whole, that do not involve children.

I would gladly pay extra bucks for an adult only flight for my next vacation. I know that kids need to travel, I totally understand, but if more planes had “family section” or adult only flights as a whole,i don’t think I’d be the only one jumping for joy.

Check out Mr. O’Flaherty’s article here:

And tell me, do you like the idea of adult only flights or not?



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