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My Top 10 Must Haves for Long Flights

10 Travel Must Haves for Long Flights

At some point everyone should hop on a plane and go somewhere far, far away. If you love to travel chances are you’ll have a flight that breaks that 10 hour mark.

Long flights, when you’re prepared, can actually go by pretty fast and in relative comfort. Over the years I’ve gathered a list of the things I absolutely must-have for my long flights. I swear I put this things in my bag a week before a trip just to make sure I don’t forget them.

Top 10 Must Haves for Long Flights

1. Water Bottle

You can bring an empty water bottle with you through the security line and fill it up at the nearest water fountain. I tend to get a little dehydrated on long flights so even though it’s bulkier I bring my Camelbak Eddy bottle along and fill it up to the brim.

2. Neck Pillow

I don’t know how I survived without these in my younger days. Now without a pillow I get a kink in my neck as soon as I start nodding off to sleep. I have an Eagle Creek Neck Pillow, but any other similar type will do. They fold down very small and when you are ready you just blow into it to inflate.

3. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Ok, so these bad boys aren’t cheap but my god they are AMAZING. We actually have the exact model above: the BOSE Quiet Comfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones. Want to drown out the crying baby a few rows back, or the annoying kid who keeps fighting with his big sister? Slip these on, click the noise cancelling switch on and listen to the rest of the world fade away.

4. Kindle

Although I love physical books, on long flights I take my Kindle as well.I can cram a ton of books onto the Kindle, much more than I could ever put in my carry on. Quite often though I’ll have at least one physical book in my bag as well.

5. Lotion and essential products in a travel bottle set

So what’s up with the air on airplanes. It dries out my hands like crazy and I know I’m not alone. I don’t put lotion on my face very often but on long flights I do have to moisturize my hands. I grab those little travel size packs from target or online and put my lotion and hair products in containers. Some of the packets also have a smaller container that is great to put a little mineral foundation in so I don’t look like the walking dead when I exit the plane.

6. Fuzzy Socks

I’m a little weird when it comes to comfort. I love a pair of fuzzy socks. When you get comfortable on the plane, kick off those shoes of yours and slip on a pair of comfy, fuzzy socks. You’ll thank me for it.

7. Sleep Aid

I used to poo poo sleeping pills. Even though I don’t believe in taking really serious, prescription ones unless you REALLY need it, my boyfriend found some over the counter, non-addicting ones that I actually trust. Simply Sleep is the name brand but I know that Safeway and other places have generic ones that are pretty similar. Make sure to avoid the ones with pain relievers, you really don’t need that. We took 2 on our way to Thailand a couple of years ago and it totally helped so I got enough rest and was more acclimated to the time difference when we arrived.

8. Snacks

I know they feed you on long-haul flights but in-between scheduled meals you’re bound to get the munchies. I tend to bring some dried fruit in little ziplock bags, and maybe even an apple. I also like to bring a couple protein bars as well. Personally I like Lara Bars, but whatever your taste buds are craving, throw some in your carry on bag.

9. Toothbrush and travel tooth paste

Who wants a fuzzy mouth when you wake up on a plane? Enough said.

10. Pen

I don’t know how many times I’ve needed one of these!! I know, I know, it seems so simple and pointless. But trust me, when it’s time to fill out those annoying customs forms these will come in handy. A ton of people will ask you to borrow it too so make sure you get it back.


As a side note, make sure that you check your batteries for your electronic devices (don’t forget the one in the headphones, usually a AAA), and always make sure you have your chargers! Trust me I’ve forgotten them before and it was a little painful.


What about you, what are your favorite long flight must haves?





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