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The joys of packing for Scotland weather

Let’s get this out of the way first: I’m a warm weather kinda girl. Think beaches, sunny blue sky, and 70+ degree weather. That’s when I’m in my element and quite happy. So this upcoming trip is definitely out of the norm for the bf and I. Where are we going? SCOTLAND! I’m all about checking out new destinations but for a beach girl this trip came with an unforeseen challenge: packing for Scotland weather.

Packing for Scotland: What to bring

Personally I’ve never been to Scotland but have heard wonderful things. As a photographer I am very interested in taking gorgeous shots of the lush landscape, castles and everything else I can find. The choice of Scotland was a pretty random decision. The bf and I were looking for places to visit and in my research I found that 2014 is the Year of Homecoming in Scotland. With him having some Scottish roots it sounds like a fun place to visit that would be different from the norm.

Image by Moyan Brenn on Flickr

Image by Moyan Brenn on Flickr

We’re actually hoping on a plane tomorrow so you’ll be seeing some new posts and *hopefully* pictures like the above soon! But back to the issue at hand: packing for Scotland weather.

The weather in Scotland is currently something like this: showers, cloudy, chance of showers, some sun, cloudy again, drizzle, cloudy…you get the picture. It seems pretty sporadic but there are breaks of sun and then random showers here and there. Given this I am not bringing any sandals, shorts, etc. I tend to get rather cold and thus layers will be my friend in Scotland.

On the plane

We have a direct flight from San Francisco out to London and from there a quick regional flight to Edinburgh. It’s an overnighter and dressing to stay warm AND comfortable is essential on a long plane flight. Since jeans can tend to restrictive and uncomfortable to be in for a long time, I’ve opted for a maxi skirt and a basic top. The maxi skirt is pretty think and will keep me warm without making my legs cramp. I found some great Ann Klein slip-on shoes as well that are cute enough to work with a basic skirt band can also be worn to any nice dinners we have out. I’ve packed a colorful scarf to bring on board and with my noise-cancelling headphones (these are the ones I recommend: Bose® QuietComfort® 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headphones) and tablet, I’m all set.

In Edinburgh and the Highlands

Since I’m anticipating rain and cold weather (hey, I’m a California girl. 50s is cold!), I’m bringing layers. I found that cotton is NOT the fabric to wear in cold weather when you’ll be walking around a lot so I’ve opted for a variety of shirts in synthetic fabrics. I’m sticking to neutrals: greys and blacks, and have thrown in few pieces that are green.

I was debating thermals but I recall the old school grandpa looking thermals from yesteryear and was looking for a good alternative. What did I find? THERMAL TIGHTS!! Pretty Polly had what sounded like the best option for my needs. Amazon link: Pretty Polly Women’s Fleecy Opaque Tight, Black, Small/Medium. These were a great find and I bought two pairs straight away. These will be great under my jeans and even under the maxi skirt on the plane. I tried them out on a rainy SF day and they worked perfectly.

I’ve heard that it gets very windy up in the highlands of Scotland and that sometimes umbrellas aren’t the most practical thing. So I’m bringing a warm raincoat that has an inner lining (which can be removed) and that has a hood. The one I have is knee length which is great for keeping the legs dry. I got mine at Eddie Bauer a few months ago and it keeps me incredibly toast. here is the one I bought: Eddie Bauer Trench with Hood.

With these items in my arsenal I think I’m pretty set!

I’ll have to report back after we return to see how I held up to the weather and to post pictures of our travels!

Let me know if you have any additional tips on packing for Scotland (or other cold weather destinations)!


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