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The Best Travel Apps for 2014

While travel can be exciting and fun, parts of it can also be stressful and boring. Here are some of the best travel apps for 2014, to help you stay organized and focus on enjoying yourself overseas.

Trip It

This one is a favorite among travelers, and for good reason. Once you receive your flight itinerary or hotel confirmation in your inbox, simply email it to, and this smart app organizes everything into order for your trip.

This allows you to find confirmation numbers and contact numbers at a glance, and it’s easy to see what time you need to check out of your hotel, and when you need to be at the airport for your next flight.

best travel apps 2014

The app can’t read itineraries that aren’t in English though, so keep in mind that if you book directly from a website like Air China instead of through Skyscanner or Expedia you’re out of luck.

App rating: 4 stars.

XE Currency

This is the best currency app around, and it’s free which is a bonus. XE Currency is simple to use, accurate, and best of all it can be used without wifi-the app just remembers what the conversion rate was last time it was updated.

App rating: 4 1/2 stars.

Onavo Exend

I’m not quite sure how this one works, but the good news is it does! Onavo somehow manages to reduce the amount of data it takes to upload phtoos, download emails, and browse the web. This will reduce data roaming charges, and allow you to get much more bang for your buck if you’re on a small data plan with a sim card abroad.

App rating: 5 stars

Trail Wallet

This app was invented by travel bloggers who were sick of saving receipts and writing down expenses as they tried to stick to a budget. The handy pie chart lets you see exactly where the majority of your money is going, and the app is incredibly easy to use.

best travel apps

Enter in how much you’d like to spend each day in your home currency, and it will keep track of your spending, warning you when you’re over budget and congratulating you when you stay within your budget.

Travel App

 App rating: 5 stars.


Gate Guru

This app is great if you’ve got a long layover or need to wait at an airport for a few hours before you get picked up. Gate Guru can tell you where the nearest bathrooms are located, if there’s a starbucks nearby, and where to find an ATM. Download it for free and you’ll never be bored in an airport again.

App rating: 4 stars.


Have you used any of these apps? Are there any great travel apps that we’ve missed?

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