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Going adult-only in Puerto Vallarta: Casa Velas Resort

Late last year I was on a mission: find a great adult-only resort that was a little closer to home. Living in California I decided to look along the west coast of the US and down Mexico. Even though I’ve lived in California for over 20 years I had never been to Mexico so I started doing research a few months in advance looking for some great adult only spots that wouldn’t completely break the bank.

I’ve been hearing stories for quite a while at how unsafe Mexico is right now. And yes, I was pretty paranoid. I researched a variety of cities to figure out where would be the safest place to go. By the way, it’s always good to see if there are any travel warnings for the country you wish to visit. shows information for Mexico and other locations.

After reviewing a few options, Puerto Vallarta sounded like the perfect spot. And low and behold there was a very highly reviewed adult-only resort: Casa Velas

Casa Velas Resort (image via hotel website)

Casa Velas Resort (image via hotel website)

Casa Velas is a boutique, all-inclusive, adults-only resort located in Puerto Vallarta. Unlike many resorts in Mexico, Casa Velas is not located on the beach but on a golf course. I know, it sounds weird, but it totally works in this case. The grounds are immaculate and very tranquil. There are plunge pools right outside of the rooms where you can spy the occasional peacock strutting by (I’m totally serious, one of the males was nicknamed Poncho).

For the beach lovers, I hear you. I was concerned about the golf course location as well. But fear not, Casa Velas’ private beach is right around the corner and they have a little shuttle that will take you there at any time.

Casa Velas pool

Casa Velas pool (image from hotel website)

The rooms at Casa Velas were fabulous. Very clean, large, nicely decorated and amazingly comfortable. I had booked us a Grand Class Plus room so we also had a jacuzzi style tub in the bathroom (I’m all about the soaks). Booking the hotel was a breeze and the staff was very helpful with answering all of my question regarding location, things to do, etc.

Grand Class room

Grand Class room (image from hotel website)

They also give you some good tips for when you arrive: namely the scams at the airport. I didn’t realize just how prevalent this was until we experienced it firsthand. Basically, ignore everyone that comes up to you trying to offer you a ride or handy tourist information. Go directly to the area that the hotel mentions to you. As soon as you stop to talk to someone else, you are roped in and are swiftly escorted to a side booking area where they give you a handy map, random information, and also try to get you to book this night cruise/tour that has something to do with time shares. Trust me, it’ll happen. So stay on the straight and narrow path and don’t get distracted. There were quite a few scams that we ran into while in Puerto Vallarta but most involved people trying to book us for certain tours, so just be aware.

The restaurant at Casa Velas is amazing as well and everything we tried was delicious! As I mentioned the hotel was all-inclusive so I had to be careful not to get carried away with the food. The presentation was expertly done and I can’t begin to tell you how many food shots I took with my cell phone.

Caprese salad
munchies at the beach club

During our stay we also had the opportunity to dine at the sister hotels of Case Velas. Each of them were much bigger and were family oriented but it was nice to change up the routine and try something different. Both my boyfriend and I agreed that Casa Velas was the best as far as environment and food, but that was our take.

The city of Puerto Vallarta was a quick taxi ride away and we made the trip into town several times during our stay. We spent our time roaming around the streets and tried to venture into some of the less touristy spots (which, granted, is a little hard to do). Our main goal for this trip was simple relaxation so we weren’t as adventurous as we have been on other trips (read: a lot of time was spent sitting on my butt reading a book at the beach club). I also was having fun playing with my android camera apps:

koi at Casa Velas banana tree statue at Casa Velas A million mirrors

I highly recommend taking a look at Casa Velas if you are planning a trip to Puerto Vallarta. Being adult-only we were able to relax in an amazingly serene environment and had a wonderful time! The stay was great and we’re always helpful and friendly. If a bartender named Benny is still there, say hi! He’s a great guy and has some kickass skills with making figurines out of plastic stir sticks (trust me, it’s awesome).

And on that note I will say adieu and will leave you with a video of the bf and I discussing pterodactyls at the beach 🙂

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