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5 Ways to Work and Travel Around the World

With the constant invention of new technology, it’s becoming much easier to work and travel overseas. And with the average American only entitled to two weeks vacation a year, more and more people are quitting unsatisfying jobs for a chance to experience another culture.

The reality is that many countries around the world have the same standard of living than America (if not better), and a much lower cost of living. This means that westerners have much more disposable income, and working abroad can actually be a great way to save money.

Here are 5 ways you can work and travel around the world:

Work on a Cruise Ship

Cruise companies are known to work their staff hard, with long days and not much time off. But if you play your cards right you can get a job that allows you plenty of free time and the chance to do some travel. Cruise ships need staff to do a number of jobs including childcare, cleaning, hospitality,and management. Work as a tour guide or a travel agent on these ships and you’ll be able to see the world while you’re working, as well as on your days off.


Work as a Digital Nomad

Do you have experience in copywriting, web design, or marketing? Or maybe you have a brilliant idea for an online business but you need some time to put it all together? Places like Thailand, Ecuador and Portugal are full of expats doing just that. With Facebook groups and Couchsurfing meet ups you’re bound to meet a great group of people that will help keep you motivated and contribute great ideas for your work.


Teach English

Expats are teaching English around the world. Some of the best places to teach are South Korea which pays the most money, the Middle East (although you’ll need to be very qualified) and China (where you don’t even need a degree). Many countries are so desperate for teachers that they’ll pay for your flights and accommodation, so it’s a great way to save money while experiencing another culture.

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Become a SCUBA Instructor

If you like diving, why not get qualified and teach for a living? Some of the cheapest places to get qualified include Koh Tao in Thailand, Koh Ron Samloem in Cambodia, Costa Rica, and Utila, Honduras. While you can expect long days, in the tourist season you can earn quite a lot of money from tips and you’ll usually be able to dive for free on your days off.


Join the Peace Corps

Want to give back? Joining the Peace Corps will allow you travel, learn a language, and pay off your student loan. Best of all you’ll be helping out and making a difference in some of the poorest countries in the world. Working for the Peace Corps will look excellent on your CV, and you’ll be paid at the end of your service so you can take some time to travel afterwards.


 Are you thinking about working abroad? Have you done any of these jobs? Leave a comment below.



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