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5 Tips for Traveling With Your Significant Other

5 Tips for Traveling with Your Significant Other

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“Do you want to start slow and go to Canada or do you want to go all out and go to Thailand?”

This was the topic of conversation nearly 5 years ago when the BF and I were discussing our first major trip together. In his late 30s, he’d never been out of the country and didn’t have a passport (yes, I shuddered when I learned this sad fact).

We’d taken a few smaller trips within California: weekends down in Monterey, car camping with friends….but this was major.

This was a full two weeks. In another country.

Surprisingly the BF opted to go for the gold and agreed to Thailand.

When traveling with your significant other there are a few things to remember. Keep these tips in mind so you’ll both survive the trip!

Have a Solid Relationship Before the Trip

If the two of you are nitpicking, talking about breaking up, and constantly at each other’s throats a long trip together probably isn’t the best idea. You’re bound to have a few stressful situations during your travels and you’ll need to work through them together. If you have a solid foundation and communicate well already it’ll make your trip so much smoother.

Be Prepared to Learn Something New About Each Other

We were navigating the streets of Bangkok, bumping shoulders with people trying to figure out the path back to our hotel when I learned that the BF didn’t like crowds. Really? Turns out the conversation had never come up and we’d never been in the situation were this was an issue.
When you’re in a relationship you tend to learn something new about each other on a regular basis. Traveling together speeds that process up ten-fold. You’ll be faced with new situations and your true thoughts, feelings, likes and dislikes are bound to come up.

Realize That You Both Need Your Time Alone

Luckily in my case, we knew that separate spaces and down time were essential for our relationship. I think alone time is a must for every couple. You’re bound to drive each other mad if you are attached to the hip 24/7. Be willing to be on your own occasionally while your partner quietly reads or decides to take a stroll.

You Both May Like Different Activities/Sights

It’s important to be flexible and to compromise. I happen to love history, art and architecture while the BF likes tech. He also loves interacting with people more than I do (I’m an admitted introvert). But we both are able to balance the needs of the other.

Make it a point to plan things that both of you like. And be willing to occasionally suffer through the other’s interests. He’ll come with me on some of the artsy stuff and I do the same for him. Once we’ve reached our limit we can go off and explore on our own.

Recognize Each Other’s Strengths and Embrace Them

I’m the planner. I figure out where we’re going, where we’ll stay, and how we’ll get there. The BF takes care of the techie side of things: he grabs the converters, downloads maps for the gps, makes sure gear is charged, etc. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Acknowledging that and working with them will help make the journey smoother.


What other tips do you have for traveling with your significant other?

4 thoughts on “5 Tips for Traveling With Your Significant Other

  1. Tim Hirtle

    My wife and I travel together full-time. Our travel-lives got much better after we acknowledge where most of our fights start. It’s when we are someplace new (that happens a lot when you travel) and we are tired/hungry and we just want the other person to take care of the logistics. I want her to make the decisions, she wants me to make the decisions, then we end up bickering. By recognizing that the other person also has no information, and is also tired, it’s easy(er) to see how unfair it is to expect them to take the lead.
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  3. Sarah

    I agree with every one of these tips. I would also add “go over expectations beforehand”. Luckily my fiance and I have very similar travel styles, but before our first trip together we discussed our standards for accommodations (how much we’re willing to pay/what we’re willing to give up amenity-wise), and how to spend our time. Before each trip we discuss how much we want to do and how much we want to relax.
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    1. Kid FreeTravel Post author

      Great tip Sarah! I totally agree. Like you my bf and I are very similar as well and I know his likes/dislikes but we definitely had the “expectation” talk before our Thailand trip. It is so helpful for both parties to be on the same page. Thanks for sharing!

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