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3 Travel Startups you should know about

We all know about the big startups like Airbnb and Tripit, and many of us use them regularly. But creative types are working every day on more apps and websites that make travel even easier.

Here are 3 travel startups you should know about:


Ever been to a travel agent and told them you’ve got a couple of weeks of vacation coming up and you’d like to go somewhere ‘beachy’ or ‘cultural but not too far off the map’ and stay in a ‘five-star hotel that’s not too expensive’, only to see the irritated look cross their face when they realize this means hours of work trying to read your mind?

Enter Zaptravel. Perfect for those who can’t make up their minds, or simply want to narrow down their options, the site has potential but it also has a long way to go. Currently it will only search from select cities in Europe and North America, and many of the options that come back prove it’s best suited for those who want a few days away somewhere flash as it mainly looks for hotel deals.


This one is a favorite, and it’s responsive, easy to use, and fun to play with. While you can do the usual searches such as ‘New York to Bangkok 15th of February, one-way’, Adioso is another one that’s good for those who haven’t yet decided where to go. A quick search for ‘Los Angeles to Southeast Asia in June for 7-10 days’ shows that it’s just as cheap to fly into Cambodia or Singapore, and cheaper still to fly into the Philippines.’

There’s also an option to watch prices, so you can get an email once they drop below a certain price. Keep in mind that in most cases a fare will rise though, so if you find a good deal snap it up.

This is a great way to plan a vacation if you don’t yet have a fixed itinerary, and the old ‘New York to Anywhere’ search is always a good one for slow work-day and gives us something to dream about!




Triposo is like having your own personal travel guide to the world with you at all times. Here’s how it works:

You set the app up based on your preferences, and once you’re traveling you’ll be given recommendations based on the place, time, weather, and what you like to do. The maps are detailed, the recommendations are dynamic, and you’ll be given all the important information you need to know-such as history, culture, currency and language.

The best part about Triposo is it’s free and works offline, so you won’t need to get a sim card or hunt for wifi.

What are your favorite apps or websites? Have you tried any of these three?


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