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18 of the Best Holiday Gifts for Travelers

Holiday Gifts for Travelers

Have a friend or loved one that has been bitten by the travel bug? It’s the perfect time to shop and find them the perfect gift! There’s no shortage of unique gift ideas for travelers but after perusing the web, buying things that I like and wanting to by others, I’ve compiled a list of my favorites.

Here are 18 of the Best Holiday Gifts for Travelers!


1. Extendable Selfie Stick by CamKix (or any of the other multiple brands)


Ok, so I know that 2014 has been dubbed the year of the selfie but even if you’re not taking pictures of yourself, selfie sticks can be really handy. If your traveler loves photography and wants to experiment with various angles and heights, this would be a great gift! Look for selfie sticks that work with your traveler’s camera, phone or video camera. They vary in price as well as quality so make sure to read reviews! image via amazon


2. Tea Forte World Of Teas Single Steeps Loose Tea Sampler

Is your traveler a tea fiend like myself? If so a tea sampler pack of teas from around the world can be a good gift option. There are plenty of options out available depending on the type and brand of tea that your traveler likes. image via amazon


3. Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones, Black

If your traveler doesn’t have noise cancelling headphones please stop what you are doing and purchase these now. The Bose headphones have been a life saver while traveling. This has truly been one of my best travel purchases EVER. image via amazon


4. Scratch Map Deluxe by Luckies of London

Best Gifts for Travelers_ Scratchmap






I’m sure you’ve seen this around the web and I think it’s a fantastic gift for a traveler (I’m going to pick one up for myself too!). It’s a beautifully designed world map that allows you to scratch off the countries where you’ve been. It’s perfect mounted on the wall where your traveler can keep track of the places he visits. image via


5. Cute Passport Holder

Gifts for Travelers







A cute gift for the frequent travel is a handmade passport holder designed with their personality in mind. The best, and most unique, selection that I’ve found have been in Etsy stores. Take a look at MindMap’s Etsy store for some fun designs. I’m still debating which one I want to get! image via MindMap Etsy store


6. Handmade travel jewelry

Since you’re perusing Etsy, do a search for travel jewelry for another cute gift option. Geared more towards the travel lady in your life, there’s an array of options from map necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more that symbolize a love for travel.


7. Moleskine Classic Notebook

Personally I’m addicted to writing and find myself always taking notes when I’m on the road. If you have a like-minded traveler, a handy notebook that they can write down their thoughts, notes and more can come be quite handy. image via amazon


8. Personalized Luggage Tags

There are so many options on where to get these but again, I’d start with Etsy. As an added bonus, tailor them to the travelers personality and style!


9. Bluetooth foldable keyboard

Gifts for travelers










Sometimes you need a decent size keyboard to crank out those emails and blog posts while traveling. This roll-up keyboard is flexible, waterproof, bluetooth enabled and syncs up to iphone, android and windows devices. image via


10. Gift card for the app store of their choice

Gifts for travelers









(You can tell I’m an Android girl can’t you?) With a gift card your traveler has the option to purchase a multitude of digital items to  best match their needs. image via


11. Mophie Powerstation

These have been a lifesaver for the bf and I. Make sure to charge them up before you leave and it’ll breathe some life into that dying battery of yours. image via amazon


12. A good book

If your traveler enjoys reading, the gift of a good book is a great idea. Although I love my Kindle books I’m partial to the feel of turning a page so for really good reads, I opt for physical books. Either pick up a paperback or opt for the digital version as a gift! image via amazon


13. eBags Packing Cubes

Does your traveler strive to stay organized (or are you trying to get them to be?). Enter the eBag Packing Cubes. These fabric organizers can be used to separate clothing, accessories, and anything else you could imagine. image via Amazon


14. Airport code t-shirts

Gifts for traverls pilot and captain shirt










A unique t-shirt idea that would be a great gift! Pilot & Captain have an array of vintage looking airport code shirts for men and women. US and international airport codes are available so check out their site for all the options!  image via


15. Packable Hunter Boots

Gifts for travelers








I bought these for my trip to Scotland this year and LOVE them. They’re great for traveling to wet areas or just for when the rain dampens your commute into work. This packable version folds up nicely and takes up minimal room in your suitcase! image via


16. GoPro HERO4

If you’re thinking of going all out, consider a GoPro. I don’t have one of these bad boys yet as the bf has about 3 smaller video cameras but I’m seriously considering upgrading. In terms of durability, size, and ease of use this is one of the best options out there! image via amazon


17. In-flight wifi via gogo

Gifts for travelers

logo via gogo website





Staying connected on a long flight can be a godsend whether you’re checking email, blogging, or streaming the newest flick. Gogo offers the ability to purchase one day passes as well as monthly packages.


18. Skype Gift Card

Gifts for travelers





Help your traveler stay connected with friends and family no matter where they are.


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